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Taking Solar Products From Concept To Production


Our team has over 20 years solar product design and manufacturing experience. And we have built an extensive supplier network across China, particularly manufacturing supply chain in Guangdong province which is famous for its electronic products manufacturing.

Our truly understand the importance quality through the production process.


We love to create amazing products for our clients.

With rich experience in solar PV and electronic fields, we know how to …..


We strive on providing the best manufacturing practices for your product.

Our production departments have an extensive established supply chain allowing us to make just about anything. From precision CNC to complicated injection molding, fabricated steel to die-casting, chemical etching to laser engraving, electronics to metal injection molding, we have you fully covered.

If you have a product that requires a unique manufacturing process, we’ll advise what solutions work best for you and your product


Checking, Double Checking, Triple Checking

We understand so well that only quality and services create great brands and long term customers relationship.

Our dedicated QC team ensures your product is delivered to our high standards. If you have a specific requirement in mind, we’ll work with you to bring it into reality.


Our production departments manage your product right to the end. We offer Air, Sea & Land deliveries and work with your timings and budget.

End-to-end global solutions

We work with a big number of fulfillment companies who are experienced and got advantages on their networks, who provide a range of global logistic solutions.

Just send us your detail address and we will get you best offer.

Product Development Process:


Customers send us their detail requirements. The more details you send to us, the easier it would be for us to communicate.


Once we got the requirements info, our sales representative would discuss with our engineers and communicate with clients. We would repeat the process back and forth for a couple of times until all agrees to the details. Meanwhile, some sketch of drawings would be provided.

3、Confirmation of Order

After the details are confirmed, terms of deals are accepted, clients should decide the order and make payment for the design work. The payment charged for design would be refunded later on when bulk order is placed to us.


Some 3D printed protoypes would be made and send to clients to confirm the details again.

5、Bulk Order

After all details are confirmed, clients place bulk order to us and we would start the mass production and keep our clients updated with status.


All the product details would be kept confidential and will not be revealed to third party if clients request. A Non Disclosure Agreement would be signed if necessary.


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