Lithium Battery 48V 50Ah 2.4KWh Rack LiFePo4 Battery

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●48V lithium battery module
●More than 2000 times charge/discharge cycles life, max up to 6000 cycle times
●With the overcharge and overdischarge protection function
●With the overcurrent and shortcircuit protection function
●With the overtemperature protection function
●Application for off-grid solar power system
●Excellent standby self-consumption
●Intelligent BMS equipped inside to maintain the battery always work at best condition
●5-20 years life time , LiFePO4 battery, more stable and safe

Commodity name: Lithium Battery 48V 50Ah 2.4KWh Rack LiFePo4 Battery
Lithium Battery 48V 50Ah, good ideal for home storage energy.

Finished product specifications 15S1P-48V-50Ah
Nominal voltage 48V
Nominal capacity 50Ah
Battery size (MAX)400(L)*(MAX)442(W)* (TYPE)132mm
Service life charge and discharge conditions 0.2C charge 0.2C discharge, 2000≥80% of the initial capacity
Charging temperature 0°C – r45°C
Discharge temperature (-20°C~60°C )
Storage conditions (-10C~+35°C, less than 6 months)
Battery weight about 26kg
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